Sustainable Fertigation Solutions Just Ask for Your Tailor Made Solutions

Solid & Liquid fertilizers for advanced and efficient fertigation

Gat fertilizers – solid fully water soluble and liquid fertilizers for advanced and efficient agriculture, tailored for your specific needs

Gat Fertilizers is a leading producer of tailor-made solid fully water soluble & liquid fertilizers. The company supplies clear fertilizer solutions for fertigation as well as basic pre-plant applications
The need for intensified yet environment- friendly agriculture leads to an ever increasing use of micro-irrigation and fertigation – the application of plant nutrients through the irrigation system

Fertigation – A must for micro-irrigation systems

Fertigation is obligatory when implementing micro irrigation with drip or micro sprinklers since it is necessary to provide an optimal flow of water and nutrients to the wetted rooting zone of the crop.
Fertigation allows to target the plant roots with a calculated amount of water and nutrients to meet specific crop demands according to its development stages. High yields together with efficient utilization of water and plant nutrients are thus achieved. Fertigation prevents excess input of fertilizers and offers better control of the distribution of nutrients in the soil. Leaching of nutrients below the root zone is reduced

and ground water contamination is minimized. Tailor made fully water soluble fertilizers. The optimal nutrient source for fertigation

Fully water soluble fertilizers are the most advanced and convenient plant nutrients for application through fertigation systems. A tank containing the dissolved fertilizer solution is placed in the field, orchard or greenhouse and a precise quantity of the solution is injected into the irrigation water during the irrigation application. The tank is maintained on site on a regular basis to be refilled with the required tailor-made fertilizer formula

Your Fertilizer Solution Formula

Formulating our products with both solid and liquid raw materials, maximal flexibility is achieved to ensure an optimal tailor-made formula fitting your specific needs, taking into consideration soil & water characteristics, climatic conditions, crop, growing stage agrotechnology and irrigation management
 Available in 25 & 1000 kgs. as solids and 10 & 1000 l. in liquids

Gat Fertilizers is renowned for its advanced and unique production technology, highly trained production and logistic department; professional sales agents and agronomists expert in plant nutrition

Established in 1985, the company holds two manufacturing plants in Israel, in the northern and southern parts of the country, that supply high quality fertilizers to the farming community, agronomic plant nutrition support and after-sales service

Since 1993, Gat fertilizers operates in Spain via its three subsidiaries Gat Fertilíquidos S.A. in Andalucía, Gat Extremadura, S.A. and Gat Almería S.A

Among other products, Gat Fertilizer’s R&D department has developed a line of high technology suspension fertilizers available to customers both in Israel and in Spain

Since its start, Gat Fertilizer’s strategy has been to offer


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