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Newsletter March 2023

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Newsletter March 2023

An article by Adi Naveh, Gat Fertilizers agronomist, published in Israelagri magazine

An article by Adi Naveh, Gat Fertilizers agronomist, published in Israelagri magazine.
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Gatit Series

Gatit fertigation fertilizers are solid, fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers ready to be Injected into the irrigation system directly to the active roots zone. Gatit fertilizer allows rapid preparation of fertilizer solution with an accurate ratio of nutrient elements as required.

Fertilization Recommendations

Gatit Solid Soluble fertigation Fertilizers: Greenhouse Tomato | Greenhouse Cucumber | Greenhouse Eggplant | Greenhouse Pepper | Melon | Watermelon | Table Grapes | Wine Grapes | Apples | Stone Fruit | Citrus

Fertilizer Properties

Each fertigation fertilizer has characteristic properties that make it different from all others.
Fertilizers are classified into two main groups: Solid fertilizers and liquid fertilizers.
In this section you will find the characteristics of each group.

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