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Newsletter May 2023

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Newsletter May 2023

An article by Adi Naveh, Gat Fertilizers agronomist, published in Israelagri magazine

An article by Adi Naveh, Gat Fertilizers agronomist, published in Israelagri magazine.
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Fully computerized production system; Tailor made fully water-soluble NPK solid and liquid fertilizers manufacturing according to client’s orders

✚ Production processes for effective costs and quality

✚ Innovative products Developed by our ag. experts’: Gatit+ Composed, BLUE (Nitrification inhibitor), Iron chelates, Bio stimulants and more

✚ GATtense Crop monitoring Developed in-house system

Agronomic advice and support

✚ Experienced team of agronomists with vast international engagement, supporting growers worldwide.

✚ Gat Academy with complete course in Israel and Seminars in target markets.

✚ Field trials as routine practice, for testing new and advanced products. 


Client Service Oriented Production and logistice

  • Computerized production systems that utilize advanced technologies in the company’s plants in the North and South of Israel.
  • Flexible production technologies.
  • Advanced laboratories for constant and consistent monitoring of all raw materials and final products.
  • Supervised production according to the Standards Institute of Israel ISO 9001/2008.

An Efficient, Supportive Logistical System

  • A fleet of tankers and trucks that are designed to handle the ground conditions and specific needs of our customers.
  • An experienced and dedicated operating team ready to provide service at any time.
  • A new cellular application that is available 24/7 for efficient and time saving.
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