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Welcome to Gat Fertilizers!

Gat is a worldwide leading fertilizers company focused on multi-nutrient NPK liquid fertilizers.

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Specialty NPK Fertilizers

  1. Tailor made NPK liquid fertilizers solutions + additives.
  2. Fully NPK water-soluble fertilizers.
  3. Innovative products developed by our Gat experts.
  4. GATense – Crop monitoring developed in-house system.

Professional Agronomic Support

  1. Dedicated team of agronomists with vast international knowledge, supporting growers worldwide.
  2. Gat Academy with complete course in Israel and Seminars in target markets.
  3. Field trials as routine practice, for testing new and advanced products. 


40 Years of Experience

  1. More than 40 years of experience. 
  2. 6 Liquid fertilizers factories worldwide.
  3. Thousands of customers around the globe.
  4. More than 5000 fertilizer formulas. 
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