Tailor-Made NPK Liquid Fertilizers Solutions 

The use of liquid fertilizers is constantly on the rise.

The benefits of working with liquid products compare to solids are many; 


  1. Tailor made solutions
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Accurate application
  5. Sustainable products
  6. Complex NPK solutions
  7. Saving storage capacity
  8. Saving inventory financing




Some of our formulas:



Shaphir (Super) Solutions For fertigation in greenhouses, nurseries, orchards and crops on artificial media.

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OR 4-2-6

Effective fertigation for crops in soilless media that are sensitive to calcium and magnesium deficiencies,

and with optimum nitrate / ammonium ratio.

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“Tuv Blue” fertilizer solutions are intended for the fertigation of intensive crops such as orchards, vegetables and open fields crops. 


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Micro element solutions

Gat fertilizers Ltd. is proud to announce its new line of micro- element fertilizers.

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