WSF for the international market

Export  – the company started addressing the export markets more than20 years ago.

The company has partners / distributers for WSF in more then 15 countries including China, Viatnam, Italy, India, Australia, Kenya etc…

Products – tailor made compositions of Powder and Pellets form.

About us:

Gat Fertilizers was established in 1985 in Israel as part of “F&S Holdings”.

The first plant abroad was established in Spain, Niebla in 1995.

The company has 6 production plants: 2 in Israel, 3 in Spain, 1 in Peru.

Markets that Gat is active worldwide, are characterized in NPK specialty fertilizers of WSF and liquid fertilizers to various countries.

Our Vision

Gat Fertilizers is to be Committed to:

Client success.

World-class fertilization Solutions.

Sharing knowledge.

Sustainable & accurate fertilization Solution.

Personal relationship


Worldwide brand focused on specialty NPK based fertilizers.

Production for direct sales / distributor.

Tailor made fertilizers according to the client’s needs.

More than 38 years of accumulated knowledge and know-how.

Experienced team of agronomists with vast international engagement, supporting growers worldwide.

Gat Academy with complete course in Israel and Seminars in target markets.

Field trials as routine practice, for testing new and advanced products.

Advanced & Flexible Production Capabilities

Computerized production lines Flexible & highly professional Strict Q.A

Producing according to strict standards.

Flexible and fast logistic.



Gatit PLUS product series

Pelletized Solid Water-soluble Fertilizers




Pelletized solid water-soluble fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer to solid-soluble. Caking free.

Wide range of formulas & additives.

Excellent solubility.


45% Nitrogen & Nitrification Inhibitor


GAT fertilizers Aiming to the future:

Environmentally friendly fertilizers are a must.

Our goal is to improve yield & quality without compromising the environment.

Prevent unnecessary waste of nutrients by a precise and complex use of all elements together!

Significant ROI.



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