Manganese Gat

Mn-EDTA chelated manganese fertilizer for agricultural crops.

Manganese Gat – Composition
Manganese Gat contains:

1.5% of EDTA-chelated manganese, 17 gr Mn/Lt.
Nitrogen (N) – 0.3 % (3.4 gr/Lt)
Reaction (pH): 7.5
Volume weight: 1.13 gr/cm³

Manganese Gat is a source of crop available chelated manganese. A fertilizer that provides manganese to agricultural crops that suffer from Mn-deficiency. The proper dosage depends upon the soil’s characteristics and the level of Mn-deficiency. In order to maximize the efficiency of Manganese Gat, weekly split applications are recommended with no less than 5 Lt Manganese Gat/Ha /week.

Manganese Gat is supplied in 10 Lt cans, in jumbo containers up to 1,000 litres; in bulk or added to a liquid fertilizer.


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