Bio Gat Seaweed 30

Product Features

Green Algae extract solution containing over 7% of organic material.


  • Polysaccharides ≥ 6%
  • Nitrogen ≥ 0.1%
  • Potassium Oxide ≥ 3% (Pure Potassium ≥ 2.5%)
  • Contains secondary and micro elements

Acidity: (pH): 5-7 | Volume Weight: 1.13 kg / L | Solubility: 100% | Packing: 10 liter jugs or in bulk | Description & Color: Dark Black Liquid Solution | Storage: Unlimited time. Exposure to light and to high temperatures should be avoided.


Bio-Gat seaweed 30 can be easily combined with various types of liquid fertilizers. Smooth flowing in any kind of irrigation system.


  • Improved soil fertility and nutrient absorption
  • Can enhance plant resistance against bacterial and diseases
  • Increases the plant’s ability to stress conditions
  • Improves quality of crop in specific conditions
  • May improve quality of soil composition

* Based on observations and experimental processes carried on in appropriate conditions of use.


Between 10-20 liters per Hectare and application, 3-4 applications per season (a total of 40-80 L per Hectare). As an additive to a liquid fertilizer: up to 2% -3% of the fertilizer according to the fertilizer composition and quantity of application per season.

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