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Gat Fertilizers – More Than Fertilizers!

  • The wide group of products and services offered to Gat Fertilizer’s clients perfectly express the company’s deep commitment to our clients’ successes.
  • The NPK+ package allows the company’s clients to make the best use of the vast potential in advanced fertilization, both in an agronomical and financial sense.

About Gat Fertilizer’s

Personal Agronomical Training and Consultation

  • Initial training and continued guidance and support at the highest level.
  • Custom suitability to the plants’ needs, the water, the implementation technology, and the conditions of the soil.
  • Constant improvements made by performing periodical satisfaction surveys.
  • Conducting regional client conferences for enrichment purposes.

A Varied and Encompassing Collection of Products – Both Liquid and Solid

  • Thousands of high quality liquid fertilizer formulas that are custom made to order.
  • A full set of microelements that are combined in the liquid fertilizer by need.
  • Solid fertilizer in industrial sized packages / 25 kg.
  • Advanced products to monitor watering and fertilizing.
  • Special services for fertilizer implementation.
  • Special products such as and fertilizer pumps and irrigation control systems.

International Presence

  • Gat Fertilizers operates in dozens of markets around the world and markets with the premium own brand fertilizer “GATIT”. Our international activity is based on the success and experience we have gained in Israel and in Spain.

Client Service Oriented Production

  • Computerized production systems that utilize advanced technologies in the company’s plants in the North and South of Israel.
  • Flexible production technologies.
  • Advanced laboratories for constant and consistent monitoring of all raw materials and final products.
  • Supervised production according to the Standards Institute of Israel ISO 9001/2008.

Promoting Knowledge in the Field

  • In line with the company’s vision and commitment to enriching our clients’ professional knowledge, we have founded “Gat Academy”.
  • The course has already received many positive reviews, and provides a wide range of professional information to its participants in the field of fertilizing and watering.
  • The course is taught by experienced professionals at the highest level, made up of members of the company’s agronomical team, as well as external experts.

An Efficient, Supportive Logistical System

  • A fleet of tankers and trucks that are designed to handle the ground conditions and specific needs of our customers.
  • An experienced and dedicated operating team ready to provide service at any time.
  • A new cellular application that is available 24/7 for efficient and time saving.

Gat Fertilizers –Over  Three Decades of Commitment

In 1985 the company founded its first plant in Kiryat Gat for the production of liquid fertilizer. This plant, together with the top professional and logistical service provided alongside it, created a new standard in the field of products and services available to Israeli farmers. Following the success of the first plant, a second plant was founded in 1992 in the north of Israel that eventually moved to its current location in the industrial zone of Alon Tavor.

In 1993 Gat’s activities expanded again and entered the international market when the first plant outside of Israel was founded – “Gat Fertiliquidos” in Seville, Spain. Later, two additional plants were founded in the Iberian Peninsula, a plant in Extremadura, and a plant in Almería. Together this set of plants serves vast agricultural lands in Spain.

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