Liquid micro-element mixture
This is the first of the Micromix-Gat line of products, widely used by farmers for crops of different species. Micro-Gat is the starter product for the manufacture of many of the line of Micromix-Gat’s products.
Micro-Gat is a concentrated solution of plant-available micro-elements chelated with EDTA, applied to a wide variety of crop species grown on artificial substrates, light soils and crops irrigated at high frequency. The composition of micro-elements in Micro-Gat provides for an adequate supply of essential micro-nutrients to most irrigated crops and orchards whenever their availability is limited. Micro-Gat is frequently applied as an additive to common, non-acidic fertilizer solutions. Micro-Gat is frequently applied together with the irrigation water (fertigation) or injected directly into the soil.

Micro-Gat – Properties
Chelated nutrients, including: iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo) and boron (B) as required.

Micro-Gat – Chemical composition
EDTA-chelated micro-elements.

  gr/Lt Percentage Element
Reaction (pH): 12.20 1.09 Iron
7.5 5.47 0.48 Manganese
Colour: 1.75 0.15 Zinc
Reddish-brown 0.55 0.05 Copper
Volume weight: 0.16 0.02 Molybdenum
1.11 gr/cm³ 2.00 0.20 Boron

Micro-Gat – applications
The type of crop, the substrate and application technique dictate the dosage of Micro-Gat. For crops grown on sand or artificial / detached media it is recommended to fertigate with Micro-Gat at a constant rate of 30 to 120 cm³/m³ of irrigation water. The incorporation of Micro-Gat at a concentration of 2 to 6 % to Gat fertilizers solutions, provides 20 to 60 cm³/m³ when mixed at a rate of 1 Lt Micro-Gat/m³ of fertilizer solution. Whenever crops grown on heavy soils show micro- nutrient deficiencies, the recommended dosage of Micro-Gat is 5 – 10 Lt / ha once every 2 to 3 weeks, as required.

Micro-Gat is supplied in 10 Lt cans, in jumbo containers up to 1,000 litres; in bulk or added to a liquid fertilizer.

Important !!
Never mix Micro-Gat with any fertilizer solution having a pH below 3.5 !!

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